Can Bowen Help Me?

What Does Bowen Treat?




Bowen has helped many people with many different problems.  As previously stated, the focus is on treating the person and not just the symptoms and through this approach there are testimonials available for almost any condition you can think of.


Clients mainly seek a Bowen Therapist for help with back pain, neck pain or stiffness, frozen shoulder, sports injury, joint pain and other muscular skeletal imbalances.  Having received treatment for this, many clients report improvements in digestive function and general wellbeing.


Some more examples of how Bowen can help are:


Clients with varying degrees of arthritis who report a reduction in pain and an increase in mobility after treatment.


Children whose asthma medication has been reduced or withdrawn (by their GP) after regular sessions.


Clients who feel the treatment helps with stress management and relaxation, or general tension.


If you are not sure whether Bowen can help you or not, please get in touch and we can discuss your individual case.


































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