The Government announced that close contact therapies such as Bowen were allowed to resume from Monday 13th July.


My clinic is open and strictly following the guidelines for close contact therapies. The guidelines are regularly monitored for changes.


*Lockdown from 5th November 2020

Under new legislation I am able to continue to practice Bowen as it is considered a health care service when used as a remedial treatment.








During closure, I undertook extra training in risk assesment and infection control. Please feel free to contact me to ask to see a copy of my risk assesment.


Clients will be sent the risk assesment, attendance guidelines and a questionnaire (to return prior to attendeance) before their appointments.




Due to the nature of the guidelines, I am currently only able to open my clinic in Taunton. Spaces are reduced and therefore there may be a wait for an appointment.










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