Kate is a fully qualified, very experienced Bowen therapist, who has been practising Bowen for over 15 years. She is a member of the Bowen Therapists Proffessional Association, the Federation of Holistic Therapists and registered with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council.


Kate has a particular intersest in functional anatomy, the mechanics of the body and how imbalances in one part of the body affect another.


It was Kate's own experiences with Bowen that made her decide to train and use Bowen as an addition to her career with horses. Here Kate explains in her own words...


"My first introduction to Bowen was when my horse, Ollie, was a case study for a friend training in equine Bowen. I was so impressed with the effect the treatment had on him that I asked the therapist to treat my daughter, who at the time was 8 and had been diagnosed with a mild scoliosis (curvature of the spine).  After four Bowen treatments the spine was x-rayed again and was now perfectly straight.  I am now sure the scoliosis was caused by imbalance and tightness in the muscular structure that supports the spine. This was simply and effectively addressed by Bowen.


I was also treated for neck and back problems. During my first Bowen treatment I could feel all sorts of releases happening and over the course of three treatments my neck and back pain was addressed.


After more research, I realised that this was a "meant to be" moment and I began my training through ECBS - Europes leading training college for Bowen.  I have also completed a level three diploma in Anatomy and Physiology, and study intergrated anatomy at a higher level.  I attend regular training days and workshops which ensures that I remain up to date and accurate with my work.  I am, of course, fully insured.


I aim to provide not only effective treatment to my clients but also time for discussion, advice and next step planning and referrals if necessary.  My Taunton based practice is run from The Terrace complementary therapy centre and I also run clinics in Hampshire and at my home near Greenham, Wellington."











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About Kate

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